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Sixty Students Inducted to Phi Theta Kappa

    by Laurie Hendricks
    Posted on 3/27/2013

FORT DODGE – Iowa Central’s Lamba Kappa chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa honor society welcomed 60 new members on Wednesday, March 13, in the Biotechnology and Health Sciences Building auditorium.

Phi Theta Kappa is the largest honor society in American higher education with more than 1.5 million members.  Each year, approximately 100,000 students are inducted.  Eligibility for members requires a student to complete 12 hours of college coursework and requires a grade point average of 3.5 or higher.  All PTK members must maintain a 3.25 GPA after joining.

The organization’s mission is to recognize and encourage academic excellence at community colleges and to provide opportunities for individual growth and development.

Samantha McClain is the advisor of the student-run organization at Iowa Central.  This organization has focused on community service projects including an Easter egg hunt for the children of the community, making blankets for cancer survivors, and food drives for the local food bank.


2013 Inductees:

Lauren Abbas                                                             

Brooke Axness                                                                       

Kelly Ayers                                                          

Richard Ayers                                                      

Shelby Barkley                                                     

Amanda Becker                                                   

Trevor Erdman                                                     

Danielle Ewing                                                    

Kennth Ewing                                                                        

Jessica Faust                                                         

Trae Fistler                                                           

Anthony Flattery                                                 

Abraham Folkerts                                                

Jefferson Fosbender                                             

Melanie Funk                                                       

Amberlee Galvin                                                  

Pamara Garcia                                                      

Kelli Gerdes                                                         

Sherry Gibbons                                                    

John Gilbert                                                         

Debra Graves                                                       

Natalie Halverson                                                

Randy Hamilton                                                  

Jocelyn Hernandez                                               

Adeane Holder                                                    

Tommas Holder                                                   

Tara Jackson                                                         

Shelby Janssen                                                     

Justine Janssen                                                     

Brandon Kearney                                                 

Gregory Kirby

David Kober                                                        

Hannah Koeperich

Jackson Kolb

Allison Lansman

Angela Lopez Ortiz

Nikita Love

Emily Martin

Katie Martin

Nathan Matthes

Jeanina Messerly

Sara Miller

Ryan Moore

Deborah Paulson

Rachel Pietsch

Sarah Porter

Jeremiah Reed

Matthew Rickers

Nicole Schall

Hannah Schroeder

Skylar Shever

Benjamin Skinner

Shelby Smith

Zachary Smith

Aspen Stephan

Cory Svenson

Jacquelyn Van Dyck

Robin Vit

Amanda Wilde

Miranda Wood