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Spring College Art Show Winners Announced

    by Josh Sandin
    Posted on 5/9/2013

FORT DODGE - The students in the Iowa Central art classes wrapped year with the annual Spring College Art Show. Dozens of pieces were entered into the competition. Students submitted paintings, photographs, drawings and ceramics for the show. The show ran from Friday, May 10, through Monday, May 13, in the Triton Art Gallery. The winners were announced Monday evening at the Awards Program.

Students received both scholarships and cash prizes based on their placement. The pieces were awarded first, second or third Place as well as merit. Three pieces were named Best of Show. This year the art department added two new categories, People’s Choice and Faculty Choice.


Faculty Choice

Brandon Kloss


People’s Choice

Alana Perry


Best of Show

Cord McMahon

Melissa Gordon

Allison Cobb


First Place

Madeline Westrum

Zach Smith

Chris Zehr

Nancy Bowden


Second Place

Lee Ann Dunn

Anthony Rolon

George Briese

Pam Kenemer


Third Place Winners

Alanna Perry

Jorge Sanchez

Anthony Rolon

Alex McHugh

Allison Cobb




Crystal Parish

Sara Murphy

Andy Moore

Kami Paulson

Amanda McCallon

Colbie Scholten

Zach Smith

Michelle Wirtjes

Dee Schnurr

Josh Griffith

Sandra Lu

Jessica Furman

Marion Talam

Colton Blay

Brandon Kloss

Tasha Durnell

Sherry Gibbons