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Spring Art Show Award Winners Announced

    by Josh Sandin
    Posted on 4/27/2012

FORT DODGE - The Iowa Central Art Department hosted its annual Spring Art Show Wednesday evening at the Triton Art Gallery in the foyer of Decker Auditorium. Nearly 200 people attended the reception and viewed the pieces that were being juried.

The pieces were created by Iowa Central students in the art classes and juried by a panel of experts. Students competed in several categories including drawing, painting, ceramics, design, sculpture and photography. Three Best of Show Awards were given out. Olivia Jondle was awarded Best of Show 2D with her painting Fruit of Knowledge, Jessica Furman was awarded Best of Show 3D for her sculpture Mean Girls, and Angela Sande was awarded Best of Show Photography for her photo Orchid.

The three jurors were Maureen Powers, owner of Buckroyd Studios in Fort Dodge, Rebecca Frates, Professor of Graphic Design at Buena Vista University, and Ryan Frates, an independent artist.

“It was refreshing to observe evidence of both craft and concept being considered in the execution of much of the work juried,” said Rebecca Frates. “We appreciated the scale, time, and effort that went into the preparation of the artwork, and we are pleased to see students participating and thriving in an active, creative community at Iowa Central.”                 


Best of Show 2D - Olivia Jondle,  Fruit of Knowledge, Oil on canvas
Best of Show 3D
- Jessica Furman, Mean Girls, Clay and  glaze
Best of Show Photography
-Angela Sande, Orchid

1st - Gwen Sorensen, The Dark Mist
2nd - Crystal Parish, Three Faces of Trisha
3rd - Devon Black, Delaney

Merit Awards
Zach Stoltz, Fist of Fury
Sherri Banner, Modern Chaplin
Nick Burger, Untitled

1st - Kate Cleveland, Day of the Dead
2nd - Lara Bygness, Lady Redemption
3rd - Dreux Evans, Untitled

Merit Awards
Shannon Washington, Sister
Crystal Parish, Dude
Alana Perry, Jennifer Chada
Melissa Gordon, Erik in Purple

1st - Brant Weiland, Clay Vessel
2nd - Brant Weiland, Clay Vessels
3rd - Lonnie Brown, Ripple

Merit Awards
Jessica Furman, It’s 5:00 Somewhere
Emily Eastland, Blue Leaf

1st - Stephanie Elliott, All About Me
2nd - Tim McCall, Not a Love Song
3rd - Vanessa Tubbs, Vanessa

Merit Awards
Jesica Faust, In a Big Country

1st - LaRon Jones, Infinity
2nd - Justin Frank, Locked Away
3rd - Rachel Jackson, Rose Among Thorns

Merit Awards
Brandi Swenson, Aztec Sunrise
Sherri Banner, Trying to Escape

1st - Maria Mickelson, Jellyfish
2nd - Tammy Minnehan, Form
3rd - Heather Wirt, Metallics of Infrared

Merit Awards
David Owens, Ashton and Me
Andy Moore, Relax
Caleb Nelson, Untitled