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“Reflections” Contemporary Quilts and Wall Hangings by Dr. Carmon Slater

    Posted on 9/9/2011

Iowa Central Community College will host a major show of quilts and wall hangings by Carmon Slater of Evergreen, Colorado from September 8 to October 30th in the Triton Gallery in Decker Auditorium. Carmon has been creating quilts for over twenty-five years. His pieces have appeared in art shows throughout the country and grace the walls of many homes, office buildings, universities. His quilts can be both art for the wall and functional pieces for the home.

Carmon holds a PhD in Biology and has worked for 25 years as an artist. He has served on the National Crafts council board of Directors and has presented workshops and shows at throughout the country. He is often asked to serve as curator. He will present a workshop to area art teachers on Thursday, October 27th  and he will also be working with Iowa Central art students on Friday, the 28th.

Carmon will give a gallery talk on his work at the Blanden Museum on Saturday, October 29th.  His work will be on display in the Triton Gallery for the Homecoming celebration on September 23-25th. Gallery hours are from 1-4 PM on weekends.

Carmon's floor cloths are works of art on canvas. Those who purchase them often hang them on the walls because they can't imagine walking on them, yet they are quite durable. Floor cloths have made a comeback in recent years and have a very contemporary look.

Drawing on his mastery with paint and canvas, Carmon has developed a unique process for creating window coverings that turn canvas into stained glass. As the sun illuminates the canvas from behind, the layers disappear and reappear throughout the day.

How do you describe a man who is an artist, an interior designer, a home and landscape designer, an art curator, and a naturalist? It's hard to pin him down to a simple description. Carmon is an artist first and foremost, but his abilities span more than one medium. To visit his home and studio is to get a small glimpse of his abilities and interests. Every wall, every cupboard, every nook and cranny is covered in art - from the floors to the ceilings. In fact, the home itself is his original design.

Perched beneath large stone outcroppings, Carmon's home and studio is a fascinating place to visit. The stepped landscape, rock gardens, decks and patios are all works of art. Inside, the windows are covered with his magical illuminated draperies, the floors are covered in original floor cloths, the walls are covered with quilts both large and small and even the furniture is upholstered with fabrics that he has created.

Carmon's studio is a feast for the eyes - everywhere you look there are colorful fabrics, paints, photos, books, works-in-progress and completed works.

Carmon offers his design services to both individuals and corporate clients. Working from color swatches, paint chips, color photographs and consultations, he creates pieces that are as unique as the individuals who acquire them.

Browse Dr. Slater’s web site, for more information.