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MacBooks for Web Technology and Graphics Technology Students

    by Iowa Central Information
    Posted on 9/15/2015

Iowa Central kicked off the new school year with a MacBook Pro for all full-time Web Technology and Graphics Technology students. The MacBooks come fully loaded with the Adobe Creative Suite and the Microsoft Suite.

 “The objective of this initiative is to provide these students with equal access to technology while they’re studying at Iowa Central” says  Neale Adams, Business Department Dean. “Knowing that every student has a laptop, complete with software, creates opportunities for instructors to redesign what happens in class as well. We think this initiative has great potential for enhancing both teaching and learning."

Students have been using the laptops for 2 weeks now and the start up has gone well according to Michelle Beets, Web Technology and Graphics Technology program coordinator. “There’s always procedures to get ironed out with a new initiative like this, but with great support from the campus Tech Team, Administration and lots of enthusiasm on the part of students it’s been fantastic so far!"  Beets says she’s getting lots of positive feedback from students. “Many who might not otherwise have had access to these state-of-the-art tools outside of the classroom do now,” says Beets. “They can work on their studies at any time of day and can get in touch with instructors, advisors and classmates.”

Students in the Web Technology and Graphics Technology programs receive an AAS degree.  For more information contact:

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