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Iowa Central Online Programs

Earn your Associate degree from the comfort of your home!

Iowa Central’s Online degree program is taught 100% online. Our online programs are specifically designed for busy people pursuing a better life.

The online courses are taught via the internet using Canvas (located in TritonPass). Courses are 8 weeks in length with weekly deadlines for discussion forums, assignments, and assessments.
You will need access to a computer with internet a minimum of 4 days per week.

The advantage of online classes allows:

  • Students to complete a degree at their own convenience
  • Work to be submitted within each week’s deadline to stay on pace
  • Students the flexibility of setting a school schedule while balancing a busy work and life schedule

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Hear from our Students

“I have a full-time job, a wife, a new house, and a new baby, and I liked what the curriculum offered. It fit in with what I wanted. The program worked for me. I spent on the average, two hours a night working on the material. It is structured but it is flexible. Sometimes I worked on it during the noon hour. You just have to keep up with the assignments. I would recommend this program to anyone, depending on what curriculum they need. For me, it definitely secures my position where I am, and increased my status.”

Michael Santor
Software Engineer

“I am a 34 year old father with two full time jobs and no time for campus-based education. For me, online school was the only option and after a lengthy vetting process of various accredited schools, I decided on Iowa Central as my vehicle to further learning. Not only did they offer the best price per credit hour and a user-friendly interface, the admissions staff was extremely helpful in walking me through the start-up process. At any time, I encountered a problem with network service, class work, or financial aid, the IT techs, teachers, and administrative counselors were always just a phone call or email away and ready with a helpful attitude and a swift solution.”

Jason Wilkins