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EBooks are included with your online courses, so you will not need to worry about buying physical textbooks. An eBook rental costs $30/credit hour. For example, at most bookstores the textbook for BUS-102 Introduction to Business is $196 in printed form.  The eBook rental charge for this 3 credit hour course will only be $90 and a savings of $106. If you are using financial aid, your aid will be applied to the rental cost of your eBooks.

Access to the eBook will be within Canvas under the Read Me First and Syllabus documents of each course. There you will find a link to the eBook. No need to worry about going to a site to pay for the eBook or trying to have the book shipped to you before the start of the class. Your access to the materials is all within the course.

In accordance with federal regulations set by the U.S. Department of Education, students who choose to opt out of utilizing the eBook services provided by Iowa Central will not be charged for the $30/credit eBook fee.  Students who choose this option will not have access to the eBook and the student will be responsible for obtaining the required textbooks and other materials for the course(s).

If you do not want to use our eBook feature and want to buy your own textbooks, you will need to opt out of eBooks by filling out the form on WebAdvisor at least ONE WEEK prior to the start of the course and you will be responsible for purchasing your own books.

  • If you would like to opt out of the eBooks for your upcoming classes, follow these steps.
  • Log on to TritonPass.
  • Click on the lock and choose E-Book Opt Out Form under the WebAdvisor heading.
  • All current classes you are enrolled in will be listed.
  • Click the drop down option and select NO for each class that you do not want to use an eBook.
  • Then click submit.

eBook Opt Out Menu in TritonPass


Below is the list of books used in 8 Week Online classes.

Click here for reference table of books