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Online classes are designed for students who have busy schedules, who may not be able to attend on campus classrooms, or who thrive in an online environment.  Our classes are designed to be asynchronous where the learner can work at their own pace throughout the week.  Weekly deadlines for forums, assignments, and assessments are required to help students continue on a learning path throughout the term.

While students can obtain an AA degree, most students enrolled in Online classes are completing a wide variety of courses from psychology, sociology, math, humanities, English, and many, many more.  For those interested in obtaining specific degree programs, please check out our “Online Programs” page at Our Online Programs are available for students who are interested in obtaining more explicit areas of study. 

The advantage of online classes allows:

  • Students to complete a degree at their own convenience
  • Work to be submitted within each week’s deadline to stay on pace
  • Students the flexibility of setting a school schedule while balancing a busy work and life schedule
  • To choose from a wide variety of classes. View a complete listing of courses offered by clicking here.


All students have an Iowa Central email account upon enrolling into classes.  It is expected that all students check their email at minimum of one time per week.  Instructors will communicate with students via this email account instead of a personal Gmail, Yahoo, etc. account. Access to the Iowa Central email account can be found within the TritonPass menu.


To enroll, students must complete our free application and then the “Enrollment Form”. Students may also call our Admissions Office by calling 800-362-2793. Enrollment is based upon first-come, first-served. Courses do fill up quickly so apply and enroll TODAY!


The College’s WebAdvisor system allows for students to view items such as an unofficial transcript, financial aid information, class schedule, grade book, and many more items.  Also, a copy of the Welcome Email that is sent upon the start of an online class is found within these links.  To access WebAdvisor, log into TritonPass and click on WebAdvisor. 

Withdraw Information

If you should find the need to drop or withdraw from class, it is extremely important to do so in a timely manner as refunds and the ability to drop or withdraw may be impacted on the date.  The date used for this process is the time/date of the form being submitted.  The Drop/Withdraw from Class form can be found in WebAdvisor. 

We also recommend that you talk to your advisor, the instructor, financial aid, etc. prior to withdrawing from class due to the impact and implication to your enrollment status, eligibility for financial aid, activities, campus housing, and many other items. 

Change of Address Form

If a student moves or changes address, they must complete the Change of Address Form.

Financial Aid Attendance Policy

Federal regulations state that a student must make academic progress in their classes in order to be eligible for financial aid to be disbursed. In an online class, attendance requirements are met by submitting work, such as an assignment, quiz, or test in each online class. The Financial Aid Office will verify that attendance is established prior to disbursing funds.

In situations where a student officially or unofficially withdraws from a class/es, Iowa Central may be required to return a percentage of financial aid to the federal government. This may result in the student owing a balance to Iowa Central. Our Return of Title IV Funds Policy can be found here:

Withdrawing from a class/es may also affect a student’s eligibility to receive Title IV funds in the future at Iowa Central. Our Satisfactory Academic Standards Policy can be found here:  

For questions regarding financial aid, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 800-362-2793.

I chose Iowa Central because both of my parents came here and absolutely loved the environment. I was able to be a part of so many programs at once which isn't offered at other colleges. I knew right away after visiting that it would be a great school where I could better myself as a student and as an athlete.

Emma Clark
General Studies
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