Page 11 - 2016 Iowa Central Student Handbook
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Bulletin Boards
       Public Information Office - Ext. 1055
       Anyone wanting to post materials on the Iowa Central campus (or at each Center) must approve the item
       with the Public Information Office prior to posting.  Items can be posted on bulletin boards only.  Nothing
       is to be posted on glass door entrances. Placing flyers on cars on campus is prohibited.  Flyers, posters,
       announcements, etc. posted without prior approval will be removed. All Iowa Central activities must
       get approval from the Director, Student Life and Activities prior to posting signs concerning that activity.

       Business and Information Technology Center (BIT Center)
       BIT Center Coordinator - Ext. 1270
       The BIT Center is a computer lab located on the first floor of the AST Building (Applied Science and
       Technology Building). The BIT Center offers 15-16 self-paced courses per semester. These courses are
       Business Department courses and several are required for some of the programs in the Business Department.
       Students enrolled at the start of the term will have 15 weeks until the end of the term to complete a course.
       Students may enroll after the start of the term; however, they will only have the remainder of the term to
       complete coursework.  Regardless of when a student enrolls, all coursework must be submitted by the last
       day of the term.  Depending on individual pace, students may complete a course in less than 15 weeks.
       Students receive a Learning Packet with course information and assignments. Assignments can be
       completed on any computer with the required software or in the BIT Center.  Testing must be done in
       the BIT Center.  Instructors are available for assistance during the hours that the BIT Center is open.
       Check the Iowa Central Web Site for the current course listing and for the BIT Center hours.
       Business Office/Student Accounts
       Business Office - Ext. 1067  or  800-362-2793 ext. 4880
       The College’s Business Office is located in the Student Support Services Building. This is the office
       responsible for maintaining the financial records for all students. Students who enroll in credit and/or
       non-credit courses will have their tuition and fee charges appear on their student account. Students can
       view their student account activity using WebAdvisor. The Business Office sends out periodic billing
       statements, answers question regarding charges, and receives payments on accounts.
       Payments for tuition and fees are due in full prior to the start of classes, although a deferred payment
       plan is available for eligible credit courses in the fall and spring semesters.
       Student accounts not paid in full will be referred to the College’s collection agency. Iowa Central also
       participates in the State of Iowa Offset Program operated by the Iowa Department of Administrative
       Services to collect overdue account balances.

       Campus Crime
       Security Coordinator - Ext. 1295
       Vice President, Enrollment Management and Student Development - Ext. 1050
       Iowa Central Community College realizes and understands the importance of providing a safe and
       secure environment for students and employees. The College is supportive of the Federal Student-
       Right-To-Know and Campus Security Act, Public Law 101-542,  and is committed to taking the necessary
       actions to increase safety on campus.
       Under the Act, by September 1st of each year, institutions must publish and distribute to current and
       prospective students and employees an annual security report that includes statistics concerning the
       occurrence on campus of certain criminal offenses reported to campus officials. The Act also requires
       institutions to provide a timely warning to the campus community about crimes that are considered
       to represent a continuing threat to students and employees. This warning must be done in a manner
       that will aid in the prevention of similar crimes.
       A Campus Security Report will be published annually for the College community and posted on the
       Campus Security webpage. The College is committed to reviewing these statistics annually and taking
       the necessary steps to develop and implement additional safety practices or procedures needed to
       ensure an optimum safe environment for its students and employees.
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