Page 12 - 2016 Iowa Central Student Handbook
P. 12

Campus Security
       Security Officer - 515-574-1000, 515-570-1895
       Campus Phone - Ext. 1000
       The security staff is housed on the Fort Dodge Campus primarily to secure the College’s buildings,
       grounds and to help enforce campus regulations. In the interest of protecting Iowa Central students,
       Campus Security may request that individuals show identification. Under certain circumstances,
       individuals without a proper Iowa Central ID may be asked to leave campus.
       All incidents of theft, vandalism, assault, etc., should be reported to Security. Information will be
       gathered for a report and the appropriate personnel will be notified.
       Students are encouraged to report all criminal incidents and/or suspicious activity to Campus Security,
       located in the Student Support Services Building or by calling 574-1000. Any crime on campus
       should be reported to an Iowa Central staff or faculty member, Security, or police authorities (911 for
       emergencies), depending on the urgency of the situation. Be aware on campus of personal items,
       including books, bags and purses. Small items, such as textbooks, can be stolen in less than one
       minute. Always be aware of the surroundings, and don’t leave anything lying around unattended. If
       the incident is a medical emergency during school hours, contact the College nurse through any Iowa
       Central staff member or at Ext. 1047.

       Career Services
       Coordinator, Career Services  - Ext. 1910
       Iowa  Central  Community  College  Career  Services  utilizes  Career  Services  Manager  (CSM)  and
       InterviewStream which are two comprehensive web-based career services management solutions for
       students and alumni. CSM allows students and alumni to build a dynamic resume and cover letter,
       research occupational information, and search for jobs.
       InterviewStream is the leading practice interview system that allows job seekers the opportunity to
       see and hear themselves online. Using a webcam, individuals will be able to simulate job interviews
       by  responding  to  pre-recorded  interview  questions  and  practice  both  verbal  and  non-verbal
       communication skills. Afterwards, all interviews are immediately accessible online for friends, family,
       advisors, and instructors to assess and leave feedback.
       Other services available include: resume critiquing, cover letter and thank-you letter assistance, career/
       job fairs, job searching resources, on-campus interviewing, labor market information, occupational
       information, internship opportunities, and job opening emails.

       Changing Address or Telephone
       Student Records - Ext. 1025
       Please notify the Student Records Office of any change. This will ensure that all documents will be
       forwarded to the proper address and contain accurate information.

       Changing Name
       Student Records - Ext. 1025
       Requests for a name change need to be made in writing and delivered to the Student Records office with
       the appropriate documentation. To make a name change the student must complete a Name Change
       Request Form and provide one piece of documentation; which can include one of the following:
         -  Marriage: Original marriage license bearing the filing stamp from the county from which the
           license was issued.
         -  Divorce: Original divorce decree that includes a specific decree granting restoration of the maiden
           name. The decree must be signed by the presiding judge and bear the county filing stamp.
         -  Court Order: Original court order signed by the presiding judge and bearing the county filing stamp.
         -  Citizenship by Naturalization: Original Certificate of Naturalization
         -  Correct an error on admission application: Birth Certificate, Driver’s License, or current U.S. Passport.
       The Registrar’s Office does not have the authority to change names, social security numbers, and/or
       dates on previously issued college degrees and transcripts.
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