Page 17 - 2016 Iowa Central Student Handbook
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Dental Hygiene Clinic
       Clinic Manager - Ext. 1327
       Iowa Central Dental Hygiene Clinic accepts all patients with dental hygiene needs which are considered
       appropriate for teaching students current techniques of dental hygiene, regardless of race, color,
       creed, religion, national origin, gender, age, marital status, disability, public assistance, veteran status,
       or sexual orientation. As a currently enrolled student at Iowa Central your basic services are free*. All
       treatment is provided by dental hygiene students and supervised by licensed dental hygiene faculty
       and/or a licensed dentist. All patients with dental emergencies should seek care in a private dental
       office. Our students do not treat dental emergencies. Please schedule an appointment to be seen in
       the Dental Hygiene Clinic, located in the AST Building, Room 102.

       Distance Learning
       Dean, Distance Learning - Ext. 1097
       The Distance Learning programs at Iowa Central include: FlexNet (FN), Online (OL), T.V. Courses of
       Triton Network, Earlybird (College Contracted Services through Senior Year Plus), Charter, and Post
       Secondary Enrollment Options Act (PSEOA). Start and end dates of these courses may be different
       than other college courses on campus. Please refer to your student schedule, found in WebAdvisor,
       or contact the Distance Learning Office at (800) 362-2793, Ext. 1098.
       FlexNet and Online Courses
       To enroll in a Distance Learning course, contact your advisor or complete the application and enrollment
       found on the Distance Education section of the Iowa Central website. Following are guidelines for
       adding Distance Learning Courses:
       FlexNet: You can enroll in a FlexNet course at any time throughout the semester or summer term
       except within the last few weeks of the term and as long as there is space available in the course.
       Contact the Distance Learning Office for this specific date. Regardless of when you enroll, all students
       must complete FlexNet coursework by the last day of the term.
       Online Courses are very structured in format design, meaning the courses begin and end with the
       semester dates. Assignments and discussion postings are required for each week of the course and
       students must complete and submit work at the end of each week. Students must enroll, make payment
       for, and login to Online courses by the end of the Add/Drop period (first five days of the semester)
       to avoid being administratively withdrawn.
       Distance Learning Course Preparation
       Distance Learning Courses can be accessed by logging in to TritonPass, and clicking on the iNET link.
       Refer to the “Technology” section of this handbook for login directions.
       Textbooks: Most Distance Learning courses require a textbook. If you have not ordered the textbook
       for your course, you can do so by going to the Iowa Central Campus or Online Bookstore. You can
       find the link to the online bookstore on the Iowa Central home page.
       Distance Learning Financial Aid Attendance Policy
       If you do not have financial aid (scholarships, grants, or loans) this should not affect you. If you ARE receiving
       financial aid (scholarships, grants, or loans), federal regulations state that you are not eligible for financial
       aid if you do not attend your courses. Therefore, you must meet the attendance policy to be eligible for
       your financial aid and for your aid to be released. In a FlexNet course attendance requirements are met
       by submitting work, such as an assignment, quiz, or test in each of your FlexNet courses. The Financial Aid
       Office will verify to see if you have established attendance in each of your courses. Therefore, you must
       submit a minimum of one written assignment, quiz, or test in order to be considered attending each course.
       You are not required to submit assignments, quizzes or tests each and every week in FlexNet courses.
       Please note: If you unofficially withdraw from your course, Iowa Central may be required to return
       some of your financial aid to the Federal government. A student unofficially withdraws when the
       student stops attending class and does not officially complete the withdraw process. A student who
       unofficially withdraws will have an F recorded on their academic transcript, and the unofficial withdraw
       may adversely affect future financial aid eligibility. If you have questions about financial aid please
       contact the Financial Aid Office at 1-800-362-2793.
       *Please do not confuse this with Online (OL) courses. Online courses (OL) have their own specific
       attendance policies.
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