Page 18 - 2016 Iowa Central Student Handbook
P. 18

Diversity Team
       Ext. 1166
       The Iowa Central Community College Diversity Team is comprised of Iowa Central Community College
       faculty, staff, students, and community members to promote diversity, address issues, and offer education on
       the Iowa Central Community College campus. Topics regarding race, color, national origin, creed, religion,
       disability, sexual orientation, age, gender, socioeconomic status, and other related issues are addressed.
       Mission Statement
       “To create a respectful and inclusive campus climate that enhances diversity while promoting excellence
       in teaching and learning”
         1. Create and foster a welcoming diverse campus climate
         2. To promote diversity and awareness among faculty, staff, and students
         3. Meet the changing needs of the diverse student population
       The Iowa Central Community College Diversity Team has a page on the Iowa Central Community
       College website. If you have concerns, questions, or would like to comment on diversity issues on the
       Iowa Central campus, please contact us. Committee members are listed on the web page. A photo
       gallery and dates of upcoming events are also posted.

       Drop/Add Procedure
       Dropping and adding a course: Students who wish to drop or add a course should meet with their
       advisor.  For classes running one full semester, the first five (5) days on the College calendar (not
       necessarily the first five times a class meets of that semester) have been designated to drop (without
       a “W” on transcript) and add courses.
       *Drop/Add dates vary for FlexNet and Flexlab courses and courses that run less than one full semester.
       *Interim and summer classes must be added no later than the first day of class.

       E-mail/Internet Accounts
       For E-mail/Internet information, see “Technology at Iowa Central” section on page 44.

       Emergency Notification System/TritonAlert
       Help Desk - Ext. 1111
       The TritonAlert system allows students, staff and families to receive campus emergency alerts through
       text messages on a mobile phone, as well as through email. Users can be subscribed and unsubscribed
       to TritonAlerts from the Emergency Notifications link in TritonPass.
       Emergency Procedures
       Iowa Central maintains an emergency management plan to guide it through a sensitive or dangerous
       situation. Examples include, but are not limited to, fires, explosions, natural disasters, and violent criminal
       events. When a significant incident is discovered or reported, the College will immediately investigate the
       situation to confirm there is a significant emergency that is causing or could cause a threat to the safety and
       health of students and/or employees. Law enforcement and other emergency management organizations, as
       applicable, will be called immediately. If necessary the President will declare an emergency and the college
       Emergency Incident Command will be established to resolve the situation and support any non-campus
       organizations called in to resolve the situation. Campus-wide notification will then be made immediately
       by Triton Alert, which will make notifications via text message, and e-mail. Other notification procedures,
       such as phone calls and messengers, will be made as time and personnel are available. Action will be taken
       immediately to isolate the affected area, remove those in the affected area, and stabilize the area pending
       arrival of emergency response organizations. Based on the specific situation, the College may issue media
       releases to inform the surrounding community. If law enforcement or emergency management has taken
       control of the situation, they will make their necessary media releases. When the College determines the
       emergency has ended and it is safe to return to campus or resume regular activities, another Triton Alert
       notice will be made. Depending on the duration of an emergency, interim notices via Triton Alert and media
       releases will be given as information is received. Triton Alert will be tested yearly. A test of the emergency
       management plan will be conducted at least once a year, usually in coordination with a Triton Alert test.
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