Page 2 - 2016 Iowa Central Student Handbook
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       The student handbook is specially designed with you in mind. It is filled with dates for activities and
       events that you won’t want to miss, important telephone numbers, and study tips and strategies
       to make your year a successful one. We hope you will find it useful.
       We believe you have made an excellent choice in your decision to study at Iowa Central! During
       your time here you will experience, on a daily basis, our tradition of providing excellence in and
       out of the classroom.
       Our desire is to continually seek ways to improve our services and educational environment. I invite
       you to share with me, or any one of the College’s staff, your recommendations.
       I look forward to seeing you on campus!

       Tom Beneke
       Vice President, Enrollment Management and Student Development

       P.S. Many interesting and exciting activities and athletic events have been planned for this year!
       I invite you to support College functions with your attendance. It’s a great way to meet new
       people and to get to know your instructors and staff here at Iowa Central.

           Using Your Student Handbook

           The Student Handbook is designed as a reference book or resource to be consulted
           and used as needed. Like any other learning tool (dictionary, thesaurus, the Yellow
           Pages), some students will use it frequently; others rarely. It is not meant to be read
           from cover to cover by everyone; rather, it is designed to have readily available
           information students might require at any time on the policies, procedures, services
           and activities at Iowa Central.
           Successful students use a variety of tools to enhance their performance. They know
           where to look for information to make decisions. They learn what the College
           expects of them and what they can expect of the College. The Student Handbook
           is instrumental in allowing students to find the answers to their questions and to
           take charge of their education.
           We suggest you skim through the Table of Contents to become familiar with the
           topics. When you have a specific question, you’ll know where to start. The second
           half of the handbook consists of a daily calendar that you may find helpful to keep
           track of appointments, assignments and other important dates. We hope you find
           this resource to be helpful. If you are unable to find the information you need,
           remember that Iowa Central faculty and staff are another valuable resource ready
           to help—ask someone! If we don’t know the answer, we’ll help you find it.
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