Page 22 - 2016 Iowa Central Student Handbook
P. 22

In order to maintain eligibility for financial aid, a student must meet the “Standards Requirements”
       listed below.  Failure to meet these requirements results in the loss of aid. Programs affected by
       “Standards Requirements” include, but are not limited to:
         Federal Pell Grant   Federal Direct Loan   Federal SEOG
         Federal Work Study   Federal PLUS Loan   IA Naional Guard Program
         IA Voc Tech Grant   IA Kibbie Grant     Other state programs
       Standard Requirements
         1. Pace: Successfully complete 67% of attempted credit hours. This will be measured on a cumulative
           basis. Example: If the student attempts a total of 24 credit hours the first academic year, the
           student must satisfactorily complete 16 credit hours. (Example: 24 credit hours x .67 (67%) = 16
           credit hours.)
         2. Maximum Time Frame: Completion of the academic program in 150% of the published credits.
           Example:  Associate in Arts degree = 60 credit hours. Maximum attempted credit hours permitted
           to complete this program would be 90. (60 credit hours x 1.5 (150%) = 90 credit hours.)
         3. Minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average:
            -  A cumulative GPA of 2.00 must be met.
       Additional Information
         1. Credit/no credit, course repeats, withdrawals, incompletes, and developmental courses will be
           included as part of the student’s cumulative credit hours attempted for pace and maximum time
           frame purposes.
         2. In computing the cumulative GPA for graduation, only the most recent grade earned in a course,
           that has been repeated, will be used.
         3. Transfer Students are considered to be making satisfactory academic progress for financial
           aid purposes upon initial enrollment. Upon enrollment, relevant transfer credits and GPA that
           become part of the student’s academic record at Iowa Central will be included in the student’s
           satisfactory academic progress calculation. Students must send all official college transcripts in
           order to determine eligibility.
         4. Courses taken for audit, hours via Institutional Proficiency Exams, Advanced Placement and
           hours via the College Level Examination Program will not be included as a part of the student’s
           cumulative credit hours enrolled for maximum time frame purposes.
       Monitoring Progress
         1. Academic progress will be monitored at the end of each term to determine if the “Standards
           Requirements” have been met.
         2. Financial Aid Warning- The first term the student fails to meet the “Standards Requirements”
           the student will be placed on Financial Aid Warning.  This warning period should be utilized by
           the student to meet the “Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards Requirements.” The student
           will only be given one Warning term at Iowa Central.
         3. Academically Ineligible – Students failing to show satisfactory progress during their warning
           period will be Academically Ineligible. A student may not receive any aid listed above while they
           are Academically Ineligible.
       Reinstatement of Eligibility
         1. Complete the number of credit hours necessary to achieve the 67% requirement and/or minimum
           cumulative GPA needed for their grade level.  This will be at the student’s own expense.  When
           these hours have been completed, the Financial Aid Office must be notified so eligibility for aid
           can be reinstated.
         2. If special circumstances exist (including but not limited to: death of family member, personal or
           family illness, family crisis), the student may appeal by submitting a letter stating the reasons the
           “Standards Requirements” were not met and completing the Appeal Form. Appropriate third-
           party professional documentation may be required.  The Appeals Committee will review the
           appeal.  If the appeal is approved, eligibility for financial aid will be reinstated on a probationary
           status for one term.
         3. If the student fails to meet the “Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards Requirements” after
           the probationary term, the student will be academically ineligible. The student has the option
           of completing an Academic Plan that will ensure the student meets the “Satisfactory Academic
           Progress Standards Requirements” at a specific point in time. If the student is not successfully
           following the Academic Plan they will no longer be eligible for financial aid at Iowa Central.
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