Page 24 - 2016 Iowa Central Student Handbook
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Sample computation:
                                     Per Credit          Total
       Class                 Grade   Quality Points   Credits   Quality Points
       The College Experience   A       4        1        = 4
       Introduction to Keyboarding   A   4       1        = 4
       Composition 1           B        3        3        = 9
       Elementary Algebra     CP        0        4        = 0
       Introduction to Psychology   C   2        3        = 6
       Introduction to Biology   D      1        3        = 3
       Introduction to Biology Lab   F   0       1        = 0
       26 quality points divided by 12 credits that carry quality points equals a grade point average of 2.16.
       Final Grades
       Student grades are distributed to Iowa Central students via WebAdvisor. Refer to the WebAdvisor
       information in this handbook to gain access to your grades.
       Incomplete Grades
       An incomplete (“I”) grade in a course has an immediate effect on a student’s semester GPA. A meeting
       arranged by the student with the instructor is held to discuss the reason for the incomplete grade. A
       contract between the student and instructor, stating the details and time schedule of work that is to
       be made up, must be agreed upon and signed, and must be submitted prior to the end of the term.
       The maximum time allowed for an incomplete is one year from the start date of the class. After all
       work is completed, the instructor will make the proper grade changes for the student’s permanent
       record. Incompletes are approved only for unusual circumstances with appropriate documentation.

       Grade Appeal
       A student who believes a course grade he/she has received is inaccurate may seek an appeal as follows:
         1. Within 60 calendar days following the end of a course, the student will inform the instructor in
           writing of questions concerning course grade. The writing will address questions concerning
           the criteria and procedures the instructor used in determining the grade, the process by which
           it was assigned, and to request error correction, if any, in the grade.
         2. Within 14 calendar days after the instructor’s receipt of the student’s written questions, the instructor
           will offer to meet with the student to attempt to resolve the questions concerning a grade.
         3. If after the discussion with the instructor, the student believes that the grade is still inaccurate, the student
           will meet with the department Dean. This meeting must be scheduled within 10 calendar days after the
           instructor has offered to meet with the student. Before meeting with the Dean, the student will submit
           in writing to the Dean his/her questions regarding the grade.  The Dean shall meet with the instructor
           and the student separately and/or together in an effort to resolve the questions regarding the grade.
         4. If the steps above do not resolve the questions concerning the grade, the student may submit
           his/her written questions concerning course grade to the Vice President of Instruction no later
           than 10 calendar days after meeting with the Dean.  Within 14 calendar days after receipt of the
           written questions from the student, the Vice President of Instruction will submit to the student,
           the instructor, and to the Dean a written decision concerning the appeal of the grade.

       Student grades are distributed to Iowa Central students via WebAdvisor. Refer to the WebAdvisor
       information in this handbook to gain access to your grades.
       Grades Earned in Repeated Courses
       Registrar - Ext. 1020
       Grades earned in courses that have been repeated will be administered and interpreted according
       to the following guidelines:
         1. Grades earned in all enrolled classes will be recorded on the permanent transcript.
         2. In computing the cumulative grade point average for graduation, only the most recent grade
           earned in a course that has been repeated will be used.
         3. For purposes of satisfying a prerequisite, the most recent grade earned in a course will be used.
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