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serious offenses and the College reserves the right to impose different sanctions, ranging from verbal
       warning to expulsion of enrollment or to termination of employment, depending on the severity of the
       offense. The College will consider the concerns and rights of both the complainant and the respondent.
       11. Appeal:
       a. The individual, in accordance with Board policy, the Master Agreement, the Collective Bargaining
         Agreement, the Student Handbook, or Employee Handbook, whichever applies, may appeal any
         disciplinary action resulting from this procedure.
       b. In the event the complainant and/or the respondent is dissatisfied with the Director, Human
         Resources/EEO Coordinator’s decision, the individual may appeal in writing to the Title IX Appeal
         Team within five (5) calendar days (excluding weekends and federal holidays) of the receipt of
         College’s Director, Human Resources / EEO Coordinator decision. The Title IX Appeal Team will
         consider the appeal within fourteen (14) calendar days (excluding weekends and federal holidays)
         of its receipt of the written appeal. The Title IX Appeal Team’s decision will be the College’s
         final determination. Within five (5) calendar days (excluding weekends and federal holidays) of
         its determination, the Title IX Appeal Team will provide written notification of its decision to the
         individual who made the appeal and to the other party (either the complaint or the respondent).
       Title IX requires notification be made to the College’s designated Title IX Coordinator of the resolution
       of any potential sexual harassment issues involving students..

       Health Services
       Student Health Nurse - Ext. 1047
       Iowa Central has a Registered Nurse on duty at the Fort Dodge Center Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m.
       to 4:00 p.m.. Services are confidential and free to Iowa Central students. The service offers emergency
       treatment for injury or illness and assistance in obtaining the services of local physicians and agencies,
       if necessary. The service also provides health awareness programs on stress, nutrition, substance abuse,
       wellness issues, etc. Students injured on campus are encouraged to see the Student Health Nurse.
       Confidential health and medical questions or concerns that students have can be answered at the
       Nurse’s Office in the Applied Science & Technology Building, Room 116.
       Dental Hygiene services are free for Iowa Central students. For more information on Dental Hygiene
       services, see “Dental Hygiene Clinic” section on page 16.

       Help Desk
       For Help Desk information, see “Technology at Iowa Central” section on page 44.

       Honor Society
       Sponsor - Ext. 1080
       Iowa Central has an institutionally founded Honor Society. For membership into the Iowa Central
       Honor Society, the following criteria must be met: 1) Developmental courses will not be considered
       as part of the criteria (grade point average and credit load); 2) Grades must be posted on transcript
       within three full weeks of end of term; 3) Cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher after the
       fall semester of the current school year; 4) Have met the credit hour requirements to graduate during
       the current academic year. (Honor Society is for students who are graduating; not all students with a
       3.5 grade point average qualify.) The induction ceremony for the Iowa Central Honor Society is held
       during the Spring Semester.
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