Page 33 - 2016 Iowa Central Student Handbook
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Inclement Weather
       The following guidelines will apply to cancellation or delay of College classes and activities in case of
       hazardous conditions involving weather:
       Cancellation or Delay of Classes
       The decision to cancel or delay classes will be made by the President or by his designee. If classes are delayed
       or canceled, the message will go to local radio/tv stations by approximately 6 a.m. A text message and email
       will also be sent to your cell phone if you are a TritonAlert subscriber (pages 20 & 50). No announcement of
       cancellation or delayed classes via the media will mean that classes will be held as usual that day. At times,
       due to staff availability or changing weather conditions, there may be a delay in making announcements.
       Delay of Classes
       For one hour and one and one-half hour classes students and staff will report to the class with a start time at
       or after the announced start time.  Department staff will define the start time for programs, such as those in
       the Applied Science and Technology Department, that are not one hour or one and one-half hour in length.
       Early Dismissal of Classes
       Should conditions develop during the day that would dictate that classes be dismissed early, the
       announcement of such dismissal will be circulated to the buildings by a member of the faculty or
       administrative staff.  Students will not be used to circulate such information.  The decision will be
       made by the President or by his designee.
       Evening Classes
       Any decision regarding evening classes (those starting after 5 p.m.) shall be made as soon as possible.
       Cancellation announcements will be given to local radio stations.
       Cancellation or Delay of Activities and Non-Credit Classes
       Department staff will determine any start time for activities or non-credit classes when the College
       is closed or opens late.

       Insurance Information
       Athletic Injury Insurance
       All Iowa Central athletes are required to have health insurance. Iowa Central will provide secondary
       accidental insurance for student-athletes. However, all student-athletes must provide primary coverage.
       If athletes do not have an accidental insurance plan, they can purchase one through a local company.

       International Students
       International Student Advisor - Ext. 1175
       Iowa Central has increased its overall enrollment for the number of international students attending.
       The College has named an advisor who works closely to ensure that students are fully aware of the
       procedures for enrolling and services provided once they have arrived. The advisor meets regularly
       with the students, assisting them in adjustments to the campus and city life of Fort Dodge.

       Lost and Found
       Enrollment Management & Student Development - Ext. 1009
       Each year, items such as purses, keys, glasses and coats are turned in and eventually returned to
       the individual who has lost the item. For information about a lost or found item, call the Enrollment
       Management & Student Development Receptionist at Ext. 1009, or go to and
       look under the Lost and Found section.
       Online Bookstore
       Coordinator - Ext. 1082
       Iowa Central offers an Online Bookstore located inside the campus bookstore. You can find textbooks
       for all Iowa Central courses as well as a wide variety of apparel and gifts. On-campus students can utilize
       the local pick-up option by purchasing their textbooks online and having them ready at the online store
       to pick up the next day. You can access the Online Bookstore from the Iowa Central home page. Visit
       the FAQ section for more information about the Online Bookstore and how we can best serve you.
       Hours are Monday-Thursday from 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. and Friday 7:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m. during the Fall
       and Spring Semesters and from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. in the Summer.
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