Page 34 - 2016 Iowa Central Student Handbook
P. 34

Parking Regulations
       Parking is NOT allowed:
         -  Outside a marked space; you must park between two yellow lines.
         -  In areas marked with slanted yellow lines.
         -  In spaces marked for the physically disabled.
             (unless have permit or handicapped license plates)
         -  In front of loading zones.
         -  In more than one space.
         -  In visitor parking spaces.
         -  In spaces marked for Dental Hygiene Clinic Parking.
       Vehicles not legally parked will be booted/towed at the owner’s expense.
       If a vehicle breaks down or will not start on campus, contact a custodian for assistance.

       Personal Property/Loss, Damage, Injury
       Iowa Central cannot and does not assume responsibility for personal accident, injury or illness sustained by
       students, faculty, guests or visitors, nor for any damage, theft, or loss of any property belonging to students,
       faculty, guests, visitors or others. The College strongly encourages students to contact an insurance carrier.

       Phi Theta Kappa
       Advisor - Ext. 1080
       Iowa Central has a chapter from the Phi Theta Kappa National Junior/ Community College Honor Society
       Fraternity.  For membership into Phi Theta Kappa, the following criteria must be met: 1) Grade point must
       be 3.5 or higher (cumulative); 2) Must have accumulated 12 hours of college credit; 3) Developmental
       courses will not be considered as part of the criteria (grade point average and credit load); 4) Grades must be
       posted on transcript within three full weeks of end of term; 5) There is a one-time membership fee of $70.00.

       Photography and Film Rights Policy
       Director, Public Information - Ext. 1055
       Iowa Central Community College reserves the right to film or take photographs of faculty, staff, and students
       engaged in teaching, research, clinical practices, sports, and other activities, as well as casual and portrait
       photography or film. These photographs, films, video’s, pod casts will be used in such promotions or publications
       as catalogs, brochures, posters, advertisements, recruitment, and development materials as well as on the national
       media for promotional purposes serving Iowa Central Community College. Classes will be photographed only
       with the permission of the faculty member and students. Release agreements will be produced in writing prior
       to filming. They will then be signed and kept on file by the Director, Public Information, Website Technology
       Specialist, Sports Information, or Communications for each respective production project. Such photographs
       and film—including digital media—which will be kept in the files and archives of Iowa Central Community
       College, will remain available for use by the College without time limitations or restrictions. Faculty, students,
       and staff are made aware by virtue of this policy that the College reserves the right to alter photography
       and film for creative purposes. Faculty, students, and staff who do not want their photographs used in the
       manner(s) described in this policy statement should contact the Director, Public Information. Faculty and
       students are advised that photographs taken in public places do not require signatures or authorization for
       publication. Iowa Central Community College has no control over the use of photographs or film taken by
       third parties, including without limitation the news media covering College activities.

       President’s List/Dean’s List
       Student Records Office - Ext. 1021
       The following criteria are needed to be named to the President’s List or the Dean’s List for the Fall
       and Spring semesters: 1) Developmental courses will not be considered as part of the criteria (grade
       point average and credit load); 2) Grades are posted on the transcript within three full weeks of the
       end of the Fall and Spring terms and not recalculated after that point; 3) Must have completed 6
       credit hours that provide quality points for the grade point average for that semester (e.g. pass credit
       does not provide quality points); 4) Grade point average for that semester for the President’s List must
       be 4.0 (not cumulative), Grade point average for that semester for the Dean’s List must be 3.5-3.99
       (not cumulative).  Recipient list is posted on the Iowa Central website and Iowa Central letters and
       pins may be picked up at each of the Centers (Student Records in Fort Dodge) for those who qualify.
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