Page 35 - 2016 Iowa Central Student Handbook
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Requital Of Grades
       Registrar - Ext. 1020
       Requital of Grades is the process of ignoring a student’s prior grades when calculating the credits
       earned, the quality points, etc. and the grade point average. This new calculation is used for the
       purposes of graduation and other honor considerations.
       Eligibility Guidelines:
         1. Students must not have attended any institution of higher education during the previous two years.
         2. Submit formal application for requital to the Registrar prior to completing 12 credit hours (excluding
           developmental credits).  Students may pick up an application in the Student Records Office.
         3. Students must earn a minimum GPA of 2.00 for 12 credit hours before grade requital will be
           indicated on the transcript.
         4.  The requital of grades may be granted only once at Iowa Central and a person’s entire transcript will be requited.
         1. If approved, the notation appears on the transcript and the calculation of the GPA and credit hours
           earned begin from the semester of requital and is inclusive of the aforementioned 12 credit hours.
         2. For financial aid purposes, the entire transcript, including requited grades, will be considered.

       Residence Life
       Director, Housing - Ext. 1086
       Assistant Director, Housing - Ext. 1087
       Housing Assistants - Ext. 1088, 1359
       Iowa Central’s on campus living offers students many opportunities and advantages. Residence Life
       includes a clean and spacious dining hall. Each evening, there are two Residence Assistants on duty for
       the safety of the students living on campus. Every semester, the Residence Assistants and the Director,
       Housing plan many fun activities including pizza and movie nights, bowling and different sporting events.
       The resident apartments are also the perfect place for meeting friends and getting to know classmates.

       Residency Policy Guidelines
       Vice President, Enrollment Management and Student Development - Ext. 1050
       Determination of Residency Status
       In determining a community college resident or non-resident classification, the primary determination
       is the reason a person is in the state of Iowa. The second determination will be the length of time a
       person has resided in Iowa. If a person is in the state primarily for educational purposes, that person
       will be considered a non-resident. The burden of establishing the reason a person is in Iowa for other
       than educational purposes rests with the student.
         A. The Enrollment Management & Student Development Office may require written documents,
           affidavits, or other related evidence deemed necessary to determine why a student is in Iowa.
           The burden of proof is upon the student.
           A student will be required to file at least two documents to determine his/her residency status.
           No two documents may come from the same source. The following are examples of acceptable
           1. Iowa driver’s license.
           2. Iowa vehicle registration card.
           3. Iowa state income tax return, signed and dated.
           4. Iowa voter registration card.
           5. Proof of Iowa Homestead credit on property taxes.
           6. Written and notarized documentation from an employer that the student is employed in Iowa.
         B. If you are not a U.S. citizen but are a permanent resident you must provide a copy of your U.S.
           Permanent Resident Card with your residency application.
         C. All documents must be dated at least 90 days prior to the start of the term you are requesting
           residency for.
         D. These documents must be submitted prior to the first day of the semester for which you are
           registering. Residency cannot be re-classified once the semester begins.
         E. If you are an international student please refer to the Request For Determination of Residency
           Status Application.
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