Page 37 - 2016 Iowa Central Student Handbook
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Social Networking
       Academic studies have shown a positive relationship between the use of social networking websites and
       student engagement in course work, campus organizations, face-to-face interaction with close friends,
       and in the transition and adjustment to college. In contrast, using online technology at high rates and
       in certain ways has been shown to have a relationship to poor academic and psychosocial outcomes.
       Reported dangerous uses of social networking have arisen from miscommunication as it is not possible
       to perceive the “tone” in online communication, use of words that propagate rumors with a harassing
       content, and cyber bullying where someone purposely embarrasses, harasses, or torments another.
       Iowa Central acknowledges the importance of students using technology to connect, collaborate,
       and communicate with each other and that online forms of expression are as important to student
       development as traditional oral and written expression.  While engaging in social networking, students
       should conduct themselves in a respectful, responsible, and accountable manner and in compliance
       with the Technology at Iowa Central Community College policy, Statement of Nondiscrimination,
       and the Student Conduct Code published by Iowa Central. Bloggers and commenters can be held
       personally liable for commentary that is considered defamatory, obscene, proprietary, or libelous by any
       offended party and for conduct that violates federal, state, or local law such as laws against hate crimes.
       Students enrolled in the Iowa Central Health Care Practicum also have the responsibility to safeguard
       the privacy, security, and confidentiality of all individually identifiable health information transmitted
       or received in connection participation in the Practicum in accordance with the applicable provisions
       of the Health Insurance portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”), as amended, and in
       accordance with all applicable federal, state and local statutes, regulations and policies regarding the
       confidentiality of patient health information. Accordingly, students enrolled in that program should
       not post any confidential or legally protected information.
       If a student’s concern arising from another student’s social networking communication is one of
       perceived discrimination, abuse, and/or harassment based on age, race, creed, color, sex, sexual
       orientation, gender identity, national origin, religion, disability, or military service, the student may
       use the informal or formal complaint procedure described in this Handbook.

       Statement of Nondiscrimination
       Affirmative Action Officer/EEO - Ext. 1138
       Iowa Central Community College shall not illegally discriminate on the basis of age, race, creed, color,
       sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, religion, disablilty, or military service.  Any
       inquiries concerning the College’s Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity policy should be directed to
       the Affirmative Action Officer, One Triton Circle, Fort Dodge, Iowa  50501.
       Student Alert System
       Assistant to Vice President of Instruction, Ext. 1148
       Iowa Central’s Student Alert System is a tool that faculty can use to document concerns about students.
       These concerns range from academic progress and class attendance to health and financial related
       issues.  After an alert has been submitted, students are contacted by phone, e-mail, or a letter. This
       contact serves an important role in helping students be successful at Iowa Central.

       Student Conduct Code
       All Students
       Students are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible manner. Students who enroll accept
       our policies, regulations and operational procedures. Student behavior, which after due process is
       found to be disruptive to classes or to destroy the rights of others or property, may result in disciplinary
       probation or suspension.
       Iowa Central Athletes and Students
       Each athlete and student participating in Iowa Central activities is expected to attend all classes, to
       stay free of drugs, and to conduct themselves in a mature and responsible manner while representing
       Iowa Central Community College. All athletes and activity students are required to sign a Conduct
       Code before participating in Iowa Central athletics and activities.
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