Page 41 - 2016 Iowa Central Student Handbook
P. 41

5. Engaging in the intentional setting of fires or explosions within College buildings or on the
             campus without proper authority;
           6. Threatening to place or attempting to place any incendiary or explosive device or material in
             or about the College premises or at the site of a College-sponsored activity;
           7. Willfully failing to identify oneself by name and/or comply with a proper order of any faculty member
             or other College official, including employed security personnel, properly identified (by stating
             his/her name and title if requested by a student) and acting within the scope of his/her authority;
           8. Intentionally disrupting the orderly process of the College or intentionally obstructing or defying
             access to services or facilities by those entitled to use such services or facilities. Intentionally interfering
             with the lawful rights of other persons on the campus. Inciting others to do any of the above;
           9. Operating a motor vehicle recklessly so as to pose a threat to the safety of others or to
             property, on campus, or at College- sponsored activities off campus. Failing to abide by the
             Iowa Central Community College traffic and parking regulations;
          10. Making a disruptive noise in the vicinity of the College or at College-sponsored activities which disrupts
             the orderly, efficient, and disciplined atmosphere of the College or College-sponsored activity;
          11. Engaging in willful misrepresentation of any material fact to faculty, College staff or others
             about one’s status, academic performance within the College or of the support, sponsorship,
             or approval by the College of the services or activities of any person, group, or organization;
          12. Falsifying any document used to conduct academic, employment, housing, or other business of the
             College. This includes, but is not limited to, falsely reporting hours of employment, forging a signature,
             falsely reporting an incident, or in any other manner reporting false information to any College office;
          13. Communicating any confidential information gained through student employment;
          14. Any other willful or intentional inappropriate conduct for which the College can demonstrate
             a clear and distinct interest as an academic institution and which seriously threatens; 1) any
             educational process, operation or other function of the College; or 2) the health or safety of
             any member of the academic community;
          15. Engaging in forgery, alteration, or misuse of any College records or documents, College keys
             or keycards, or student or staff identification cards;
          16. Disorderly, lewd, indecent or obscene conduct;
          17. Violation of Iowa Central Residence Life and Student Housing rules, guidelines, policies, and procedures;
       6. Sanctions: Any student who is found to have violated a regulation governing student conduct will
       be subject to the following sanctions and will be notified of the right to appeal.
          a. Reprimand - Written censure by the College. This written warning serves to remind the student that
           further violation of the regulations governing student conduct may result in more serious sanctions
           including but not limited to suspension. A record of disciplinary action is kept in the student’s file;
         b. Restitution - Reimbursement for damage to or misappropriation of Iowa Central Community
           College property. Written notice will be sent to the student requiring restitution when the student
           has damaged or misappropriated Iowa Central Community College property. Reimbursement
           may take the form of appropriate service to repair or otherwise compensate for damages;
          c. Disciplinary Probation - A warning indicating that further violations may result in suspension.
           Disciplinary probation may be imposed for any length of time up to one year and the student
           shall be automatically removed from probation when the imposed period expires;
         d. Suspension of Rights or Privileges - An elastic penalty which may impose limitations or restrictions
           to fit the particular case;
          e. Hold on Records and Registration - Imposed upon a student who fails to pay a debt owed the
           College or who has a disciplinary case pending final disposition. The penalty terminates on
           payments of the debt or final disposition of the case;
          f. Suspension from the College - Suspension can be imposed in such a manner that a student can be
           dismissed from a class, specific number of classes, program, student organization, activity, or the
           College. The privilege of readmission may depend on the fulfillment of certain conditions imposed
           by the College and/or the program. A suspended student may be prohibited from appearing on
           campus, at attendance centers, at off-campus classes, or at any activity sponsored by the College;
         g. Eviction - Eviction from the privilege of living in campus housing facilities may also include
           restrictions or denial of visiting privileges; or
          h. Expulsion from the College - Expulsion can be imposed in such a manner that a student can
           be dismissed from the College. The privilege of readmission may depend on the fulfillment of
           certain conditions imposed by the College and/or the program and completed thru the Office
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