Page 45 - 2016 Iowa Central Student Handbook
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Student Support Services/TRIO
       Director - Ext. 1165
       Student Support Services, a federal grant TRIO program funded by the U.S. Department of Education,
       is designed to help students achieve academic and personal success in college. 26 colleges and
       universities in Iowa host SSS programs and these programs serve almost 5,000 college students.
       SSS at Iowa Central Community College offers a variety of services to enhance students’ potential to
       successfully complete their educational program.  Services offered include: peer tutoring, academic
       advising, transfer assistance, information workshops, financial aid and grant aid assistance, cultural
       and social activities, a study and computer area, proofreading, career advising and job shadowing.
       You may be eligible for SSS services, which are available and free to Iowa Central students who are at
       least a half-time student, if any of the following statements applies to you: 1) Neither of my parents
       graduated from a four-year college or university, 2) I am eligible for financial aid, 3) I am a student
       with a physical or learning disability, or 4) I plan to complete a two-year degree and/or transfer to a
       four-year college.
       Stop by or call Ext. 1164 for more information.

       Technology at Iowa Central Community College
       Institutional Technology - Ext. 1115
       Policy Regarding the Use of Technology at Iowa Central Community College
       1. Purpose: The following policy relates to users of Iowa Central’s technology resources — defined as
       any equipment, device, computer, computer system, computer network (including an outside network
       accessible through Iowa Central such as the Internet), computer software, computer program, data
       base, services, or any part thereof — owned, leased, and/or operated by Iowa Central and provided
       as part of the mission of the College. Users include Iowa Central students, employees, and approved
       guests. Users of Iowa Central’s technology resources have the responsibility to abide by the procedures
       and policies of Iowa Central and all applicable state and federal laws. It is not the intent of the College
       to provide access to technology resources for alumni, the general public, or for private use.
       All members of the College community who use Iowa Central’s technology resources accept the
       responsibility for seeing that said resources are used in an effective, efficient, ethical, and lawful
       manner and with respect for others who share these resources. Outlined in this policy are expected
       standards of conduct on the use of Iowa Central’s technology resources and disciplinary actions that
       may be taken for not adhering to these standards.
       2. Computer User Names and Passwords: It is the responsibility of all users of Iowa Central’s
       technology resources to maintain and protect their user names and passwords. Iowa Central users are
       solely responsible for all computing operations executed under their names. Sharing a user name and/
       or password is prohibited. Disguising an identity to acquire a user name falsely is prohibited. Users
       may not, under any circumstances (except for network administrators) transfer or confer computer
       information privileges to other individuals.
       3. Copyright: The College recognizes and adheres to U.S. and International copyright laws, software
       licenses, and intellectual property rights associated with both print and non-print materials. Software
       use must conform to copyright laws and licensing agreements. Software is protected by law whether
       or not a copyright notice is explicitly stated in the software or in its documentation. It is illegal to
       install, download, distribute, or make duplicate copies of  software, audio, or video products unless
       authorized by the author or publisher of the product. All users of Iowa Central technology resources
       have the responsibility to report to the College’s network administrator any observed or known
       copyright infringement.
       4. Computer System Resources: Computer system resources are internal and external electronic sources
       intended for the purpose of communication, research, and data/information collection and dissemination.
       Institutional  Data: Permission to view or query institutional data will be granted to all eligible
       employees of the College for legitimate College purposes. Data users will be expected to access
       institutional data only in their conduct of College business, to respect the confidentiality and privacy
       of the individual whose records they may access, to observe any restrictions that may apply to data
       to which they have access, and to abide by applicable laws and policies with respect to access, use,
       or disclosure of data and/or other information.
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