Page 49 - 2016 Iowa Central Student Handbook
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Tobacco and Nicotine Vapor Product Use Policy
       The Iowa Smokefree Air Act applies to Iowa Central Community College. The purpose of this legislation
       is “to reduce the level of exposure by the general public and employees to environmental tobacco
       smoke: and is designed to “regulate smoking in public places, places of employment, and outdoor
       areas” and “to improve the public health of Iowans.” Because the College wishes to provide a safe and
       healthy environment for students, employees, and visitors, the College shall comply with all state and
       federal laws by prohibiting the use of tobacco products in College facilities, on College property, and in
       College vehicles. To protect the health and environment of the College’s community, the College also
       prohibits the use of nicotine vapor products (electronic smoking devices) in College facilities, on College
       property, and in College vehicles. This policy applies to all College students, employees, and visitors.
       Nicotine vapor products (electronic smoking devices) shall mean: Any non-combustible product which
       contains or delivers nicotine (e.g., Electronic Nicotine Delivery System or ENDS) or any other substance
       intended for human consumption that can be used to simulate smoking through a vapor or aerosol
       from the product, that employs a heating element, power source, electronic circuit, or other electronic,
       chemical, or mechanical means, regardless of shape or size, that can be used to produce vapor from a
       solution or other substance. Nicotine vapor product includes an electronic cigarette, electronic cigar,
       electronic cigarillo, electronic pipe, electronic hookah, vapor pen, or other similar product or device.
       Students Records Office - Ext. 1025
       To have a transcript sent, a student must fill out the transcript request on the Iowa Central homepage, The Student Records Office does not take transcript requests by phone.  When
       requesting a “Final” transcript to be sent out (which includes grades from the present term), a student’s
       account balance must be paid in full before the transcript is released.  Students can view the status
       of their transcript request by logging on to WebAdvisor and clicking on “Transcript Request Status.”
       Transfer of College Credit into Iowa Central
       When evaluating transcripts from other regionally accredited, post-secondary institutions, Iowa Central
       considers the guidelines of AACRAO (the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions
       Officers). Iowa Central requires an official transcript sent by the other college to the Student Records
       Office before credit is placed on the Iowa Central transcript.
       Transfer courses are evaluated in respect to the program and/or major that the student is seeking
       at Iowa Central:
       All courses taken, including “F’s”, are transferred in and are included in the GPA for students seeking
       an AA, AAA, AS, or APS degree. Students are encouraged to repeat the “F” courses at Iowa Central
       in order to improve their GPA.
       Only courses required by the program are transferred in for the AAS degree and the one year diploma programs.
       Military credit transferring in is based on ACE (American Council on Education) recommendations.
       Credit is not given for military basic training.
       Sixteen hours of Vocational Technical credit applies toward the 16 hours of elective credit for the AA degree.
       Transfer credit is granted by Iowa Central based on the credits granted at the awarding institution.
       Quarter hours of credit are converted to semester hours. Other unusual credit granting options are
       looked at based on the narrative on the reverse of the sending colleges’ transcript.
       Students are responsible for monitoring their transfer of credit into Iowa Central. Students are
       encouraged to provide course descriptions or other documentation about their transfer credit if they
       do not agree with the Registrar’s evaluation of their credit. Transfer credit appears on the Iowa Central
       degree audit with the label of TE.
       International Transcripts:
       Any prospective student (international, permanent resident or U.S. Citizen) who is applying for admission
       and who has attended a college or university outside the United States must have their international
       transcript(s) translated by and evaluated by one of the agencies listed on the next page. The evaluation
       must be sent from the agency directly to Iowa Central Community College, Attn: Student Records
       Office, One Triton Circle, Fort Dodge, Iowa  50501.
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