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Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc.   Global Education Group, Inc.   International Education Research Foundation, Inc.
       P.O. Box 514070        1205 Lincoln      P.O. Box 3665
       Milwaukee, WI 53203    Road, Suite 218   Culver City, CA 90231            Miami Beach, FL 33139

       Transfer of College Credit into Regent Universities
       Iowa’s Regent universities and community colleges have joined to create a web portal dedicated
       to assisting students with the transfer process. The site serves as a one-stop resource for students
       planning their future. The url for the site is
       Each year, thousands of students transfer from Iowa community colleges to one of the state’s three
       public universities. Transferring from one college to the next can be a big step, but need not be
       complicated. The website contains resources helpful in educational planning as well as information
       for students to discuss with their counselor or advisor.
       The number one question transfer students ask is - How will my credits transfer? Students can learn
       about how their community college courses transfer to each of the three state public universities by
       following the links on the website. The website contains resources explaining statewide articulation
       agreements and individual program-to-program articulation agreements by community colleges. These
       resources are useful for students planning to transfer as well as counselors and advisors. In addition
       to online resources, it’s always a good idea for students to discuss their plans with both a community
       college and university counselor or advisor. Contact information for the office or person responsible
       for transfer and articulation at each postsecondary institution is available on the site.

       TritonAlert/Emergency Notification System
       Help Desk - Ext. 1111
       The TritonAlert system allows students, staff and families to receive campus emergency alerts through
       text messages on a mobile phone, as well as through email. Users can be subscribed and unsubscribed
       to TritonAlerts from the Emergency Notifications link in TritonPass.

       Triton Enrichment Center
       Director - Ext. 1192
       Triton Enrichment is available, without charge, to currently registered students. Office hours are
       Monday-Thursday from 8:00 AM–5:00 PM and Friday from 8:00 AM-4:30 PM. Triton Enrichment is
       located in Student Support Services in room 124. These services help connect students to all resources
       on campus.  In addition, this services offer mentoring, success coaching, goal setting, getting involved,
       computer use, a relaxing environment, and much more.
       Tuition Refunds
       For a semester long, 15 week course, the credit period for tuition and applicable fees will be the first
       three weeks and the credit will be calculated at the percentage shown in the table below. Courses
       shorter than 15 weeks will have proportionally shorter refund periods.
           Tuition and Applicable Fee Credit Percentages
            Session day   1-5   100%
            Session day   6-10   75%
            Session day   11-15   50%
            Session day   16-75   0%
       Session days are defined as Monday through Friday. Session days count begins with the beginning
       date of the college term.
       Veteran/Military Students
       Assistant Registrar - Ext. 1021
       Qualified veterans and military members are eligible for G.I. benefits at Iowa Central. Early arrangements
       should be made with the school certfying offficial in Student Records. In order for GI benefits to be certified
       each term, students must contact the certifying official to complete the formal request. Students must
       maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 to be eligible to receive benefits. All veterans, military members, and
       their immediate family receive in-state tuition rates.
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