Page 51 - 2016 Iowa Central Student Handbook
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Vocational Rehabilitation
       Mary Augustus - 515-573-8175
       Iowa Central houses a branch of the State Vocational Rehabilitation Office. If a student has a real or
       potential disability, they can visit the Voc-Rehab Office, located in the IowaWorks Building.
       Weapons Policy
       The College prohibits the possession, storage, or use of firearms, explosives, or other dangerous weapons (as
       defined in Iowa Code 702.7) within any College building or facility and at any College sponsored classes, events
       or activities, including storing weapons and/or ammunition in vehicles on campus and/or in the residence
       apartments. This policy shall apply to all persons entering or upon any College location, including students,
       employees, and campus visitors; provided that, this policy shall not apply to authorized and full-time active
       commissioned law enforcement officers or others authorized by the Iowa Central Campus Security Office.
       For WebAdvisor information, see “Technology at Iowa Central” section on page 44.
       Withdraw and Total Withdraw from College
       Registrar - Ext. 1020
       Withdrawing from a course: The last day to withdraw from a class for Fall 2016 is November 18th and
       for Spring 2017 is April 7th.  Classes must be withdrawn by these dates so as to not receive an “F” on
       permanent record.  Not attending a class does not constitute a withdrawal.  To withdraw from a course,
       students should log-in to WebAdvisor and click on “Withdraw from Class” to complete the online withdraw
       form.  Students can check the status of their request in the section labeled “Previous Withdraw Requests”
       on the first screen of the online withdraw.  It is the student’s responsibility to make sure they have correctly
       submitted the online withdrawal.  Students choosing not to withdraw from a class using the online withdraw
       procedure must pick up a Change of Enrollment form in the Student Records Office, obtain the instructor’s
       signature, and return the form to the Student Records Office for processing.
       Failure to attend class, once registered, does not cancel enrollment in any class or classes.
       Failure to change enrollment status except according to the above procedure will result in a grade
       “F” recorded on the permanent record.
       A notation of “W” (withdrawal) will be made on the student’s permanent record if he/she officially
       withdraws prior to the published withdraw date.
       If you are in need of a copy of your class schedule, stop by the computers across from the Student Records Office.
       Withdraw dates may vary for FlexNet and Flexlab courses and courses that are less than one full semester.
       For Distance Learning withdraw procedures, please contact the Distance Learning Office at Ext. 1098.
       Total Withdraw from College: A student who finds it necessary to withdraw from all college courses before
       the end of the regular term should confer immediately with his or her advisor and then make application to
       the Student Records Office for total withdrawal. Failure to do so may result in the issuance of failing grades
       in all subjects for which the student enrolled. There is no withdrawal via telephone. Students receiving
       Federal Stafford Loans will be directed to do exit counseling at the time of withdrawal. If exit counseling is
       not completed at the time of withdrawal, the total withdrawal from college will not be processed.
       Total Withdraw from College - All FlexNet Courses: Students who are enrolled in all FlexNet courses
       should log-in to WebAdvisor, click the “Withdraw from Class” link and complete the online withdrawal.
       Students receiving Federal Stafford Loans, will be directed to online exit counseling and the deadline for
       completing exit counseling will appear on the page. If the student fails to complete exit counseling before
       the deadline, the withdraw request is deleted from the system. The student will then have to fill out a new
       request and the withdraw will be processed as of the new request date. Once exit counseling is completed,
       the student returns to the “Withdraw from Class” link to submit the exit counseling confirmation number.
       Coordinator, Financial Aid - Ext. 1033
       Federal Student Aid application (FAFSA) results are used to determine whether students qualify for work-study.
       Work-study jobs are available when students qualify for the Federal or State assisted program. Jobs are available
       for those interested in clerical, library, reading tutors, recreation office and many more areas on and off campus.
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