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Academic Planning
       A student enrolling in a standard, semester-length college course can expect to budget two hours of
       homework each week for every hour spent in the classroom.
       Typically, a three-hour semester class, for example, will involve three hours per week of classroom time
       (sometimes referred to as “contact time” with the instructor) and six hours of homework per week for
       that course. This is often a drastic change from high school expectations!
         1. Concentrate on one thing at a time.
         2. Divide a big assignment into small pieces that can be done one at a time.
         3. Learn to discipline yourself and feel good about it.
         4. Learn to say NO to interruptions when you study.
         5. Learn ways to study smarter, not harder.
         6. Beware of perfection.
         7. Build on successes. Profit from failures.
       Keep in mind...
       The first step in organization is to survey non-educational time commitments and then plan an education
       program consistent with available time.
       Time Management & Study Techniques for Students
         1. Identify your goals, strengths and weaknesses.
         2. Identify your campus “help” and resources to build on your strengths and work to overcome
           your weaknesses.
         3. Arrange for texts and required materials before classes meet.
         4. Build a study plan, including when and how much you will need to study to meet your goals.
         5. Go to EVERY class. Be there early!
         6. Sit in the front row and keep your mind actively on your learning goals and expectations as
           outlined by your instructor.
         7. Take good notes.
         8. Ask for clarification when concepts are unclear to you.
         9. Participate in class discussions.
         10.  Study with a partner, going over key points and clarifying question areas or points that may
            appear on exams.
         11.  Build a study plan for tests.
         12.  Do not miss quiz or test days.
         13.  Hand in assignments on time.
         14.  Set priorities for your day.
         15.  Schedule study time before class and soon after the lecture.
         16.  Determine a study area where you can concentrate; where you ONLY study.

       Academic Resource Center
       Ext. 1155
       The Academic Resource Center offers a range of services to Iowa Central Community College students.
       Academic Assistance - Ext 1045
       Regularly scheduled Academic Assistants help students study class materials, proofread papers, and
       complete assignments.  Drop-in academic assistance is a free service available to all Iowa Central
       students.  This is not only for students who are struggling or failing, but also for students who want
       to raise their grade from a “C” to a “B” or a “B” to an “A”.  Academic Assistants are located in a
       designated area in the Academic Resource Center and are available for a variety of subjects.  A schedule
       of available services can be located in the Academic Resource Center or on the Iowa Central website.
       Classroom Assistance provides students a designated hour of one-on-one time with an Academic
       Assistant.  This is helpful for students who feel they need more individual and exclusive work with a
       specific Academic Assistant.  The student is registered for Classroom Assistance like a regular class for
       credit and is graded as Pass/Fail.  One hour of Classroom Assistance is the cost of one credit hour and
       students may register for up to 4 hours per week of Classroom Assistance for the price of 4 credit hours.
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