Page 8 - 2016 Iowa Central Student Handbook
P. 8

Online tutorial help is provided through  Students can access up to 7 hours of help
       each year with writing, math, science, business, and many other fields of study through this online
       service. is accessed through TritonPass and is available 24/7.
       Accommodations - Ext. 1045
       The  Academic  Resource  Center  staff  is  committed  to  providing  quality  service  and  support  to
       students with disabilities.  Our purpose is to remove barriers for student with disabilities to ensure
       equal access to educational opportunities.  Accommodations are determined on an individual basis
       for each student who applies for services.  A conversation about your experience and expectations
       will help identify the information necessary to support your accommodation request.  For more
       information, contact 515-574-1045.
       Information Media/Online Library - Ext. 1155
       A wide variety of media including books, DVDs, and periodicals is located in the Academic Resource
       Center.  Computers, printers, headphones, and webcams are provided for student use.  Photocopying
       and color printing are available for a nominal fee.
       Online services are available both on and off campus: EBSCOhost is a periodical database that offers
       access to thousands of articles and books; NAXOS allows students to listen to the world’s most
       comprehensive collection of classical and jazz music; Films on Demand provides instant access to
       outstanding documentaries and films; and Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center is an electronic
       version of the immensely popular Opposing Viewpoints series which provides a balanced look at
       hundreds of current issues.
       The Academic Resource Center staff provides research assistance and helps with the use of computers.
       Testing - Ext. 1044
       Academic Resource Center staff administers make-up/accommodated tests for Iowa Central courses
       as well as standardized tests.
       A few guidelines that students need to be aware of are listed below:
         -  A valid photo ID is required for testing.
         -  All jewelry and personal items must be left in lockers during an exam.
         -  Pockets will be empty during testing.
         -  No hoods, coats, jackets, or hats are allowed in the testing room.
         -  All scratch paper and pencils will be provided by the Testing Center. Scantrons will need to be
           supplied by the student.
         -  No electronic books/tablets are allowed during open book exams. It is the student’s responsibility
           to obtain a hard copy of the book for use in the Testing Center.
         -  No food or drinks, other than bottled water in a clear plastic container with all labels removed,
           will be allowed in the Testing Room. All water that is allowed must be kept on the floor.
         -  All testing must be completed in one sitting and turned in before closing time.
         -  Leaving the testing station/room after the exam has been distributed is not permitted unless
           prior approval has been granted.
         -  Exam accommodations need to be arranged with the Academic Assistance and Accommodations
           Coordinator (515.574.1045) or with the testing organization.
         -  Accommodated tests should be taken in the Testing Center during scheduled class time. A
           make-up time can be arranged with the instructor if classes are scheduled back-to-back.
         -  Students with accommodations for a reader and/or private testing room must schedule an
           appointment at least 2 days in advance with the appropriate Testing Center (Fort Dodge, Storm
           Lake, or Webster City).
         -  Accommodated exams are the only exams given in the Testing Center during finals week.
         -  No children are allowed in the Testing Center.
         -  Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated.
         -  Iowa Central is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.
         -  Refusal to comply with the above guidelines will result in denial of Testing Center services.
       Iowa Central Community College is accredited by the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education
       of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, 30 North LaSalle Street, Suite 2400, Chicago,
       IL 60602-2504, 1-800-362-2793,
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