Page 9 - 2016 Iowa Central Student Handbook
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       Enrollment/Recruitment Specialist - Ext. 1005
       Students will be assigned an advisor according to the area of study they have chosen. Advisors are
       teaching staff members, deans, and administrators who assist students in choosing the proper courses,
       organizing a class schedule, and giving students information they will need to achieve their goals.
       Each semester before enrolling for classes, students are expected to visit their advisors and submit to
       them a tentative class schedule. The advisor will check over and approve the chosen course(s) before
       signing it, at which time the student may enroll.

       Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention
       Iowa Central’s goal is to provide a safe and healthy environment for students, employees, and visitors.
       As part of the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act, the college aims to educate our community
       regarding health risks associated with drug and alcohol abuse. Appropriate referral to counseling and
       health agencies will be made for individuals as needed and sanctions will be imposed on students
       who violate policy.  Sanctions could include written reprimand, suspension or dismissal, and referral
       for prosecution under local, state, and federal law.
       Resources for Substance Prevention and Referral
       Iowa Central Community College recognizes drug abuse as a potential health, safety and security
       problem. The College provides free resources that are available on a confidential basis to help students
       with substance abuse treatment information and referrals.
         Kelli Reuter, Mental Health Counselor or 515-574-1051
         Amber Graves, Campus Nurse or 515-574-1047
       Standards of Conduct
       It is the policy of Iowa Central Community College that illegal drug use, including the possession, use
       and sale of alcoholic beverages will not be tolerated and action will be taken. Alcoholic beverages are
       not permitted on campus nor at any on- or off-campus activity subsidized by the College. This includes
       off-campus athletic contests. In addition, Iowa Central Community College enforces all state underage
       drinking laws and laws prohibiting the possession and sale of controlled substances.
       More Information
       For more specific information on Iowa Central’s drug and alcohol abuse prevention information, please

       Vice President, Development and Alumni Relations, Ext. 1145
       Administrative Assistant, Ext. 1137
       Visit the “Foundation” section of our webpage to sign up for the Iowa Central Alumni Association!
       You’ll receive a subscription to our “Triton Pride” magazine and be kept informed on important alumni
       events throughout the year.

       Enrollment/Recruitment Specialist - Ext. 1002
       We believe that, unless students attend classes and are actively involved in their learning, learning
       will not take place. For this reason, Iowa Central has placed an emphasis on CLASS ATTENDANCE.
       Instructors record attendance in WebAdvisor.
       Automatic Grade Book Alerts: Faculty can set thresholds for automatic attendance and grade alerts
       in the WebAdvisor Grade Book. Look for those notifications via email. Student advisors will also get
       copies of those alerts. For example, you may get an email when you miss two classes in a row or if
       your grade falls below 60 percent.
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