Emergency Preparedness Plan

The information and guidelines contained in this plan are designed to guide the college through an emergency situation. Not every conceivable situation is addressed in this plan, but the basic guidelines are provided to cope with most campus or college-related emergencies.

For Life Threatening Emergencies:
Call 9-911 and give building & room location

After Calling 9-911 or for other emergencies:

Daytime Hours (8:00am-5:00pm)
Campus Security - 515-574-1000
Call College Switchboard – Ext. 0

Evening Hours (5:00pm– 8:00am)
Campus Security - 515-574-1000
Call Housing Director – 515-571-1177

Weekend Hours (Sat-Sun)
Campus Security - 515-574-1000
Call Housing Director – 515-571-1177

Students, faculty, and staff should report all crimes to Campus Security at 515-574-1000.

During evening or weekend hours any criminal activity should be reported to Campus Security at 515-574-1000.

When a report is received, the appropriate college personnel will investigate the incident. Any person reporting a crime may be asked to fill out an incident report outlining the circumstances under which the incident took place. When necessary, an investigation will be coordinated with the local police agencies.

Once an administrator, instructor, staff memeber, or student is aware of a violent incident on campus they should follow the Lockdown procedure below.

Lockdown Procedure

In the event of a threatening call: DO NOT hang up the phone, try to keep the caller talking. Attempt to gather as much information as possible from the following list:

  • Where is the bomb located?
  • When is the bomb set to go off?
  • What is the explosive?
  • What does it look like?
  • What building is it in?
  • Did you place the bomb?
  • Where are you calling from?
  • What is your name?


When the caller hangs up immediately call Campus Security and notify them of the call. Cellular phones and two-way radios should not be used in case of a bomb threat. Stay on campus! You will be interviewed by the police. If you receive or find a written bomb threat, call Campus Security immediately and notify them of the threat.

If you see a fire in the building or if one is reported to you, ACTIVATE THE BUILDING FIRE ALARM.

After this is done proceed with the following:

  • Call 9-911 and advise what building & room you are located in.
  • Call Campus Security at 515-574-1000
  • Close doors to your immediate area.
  • Assist persons in evacuating the building, utilizing the building evacuation plans.
  • Employees and faculty will assist those with disabilities in evacuation of the building.
  • DO NOT return to the building unless emergency personnel have given the “all clear.”

Evacuation from your immediate area:

  • Feel any closed door, if hot, DO NOT proceed through that door.
  • If door is cool, crouch low and open door slowly.
  • If no smoke is present, exit building via nearest exit or stairwell.
  • If heavy smoke is encountered, go back and try another exit route.
  • DO NOT use elevators.

Evacuation Procedure

All faculty, staff, and students should become familiar with the two types of severe weather conditions and what actions should be taken in the event of either.

A watch condition means that a tornado could develop in the general area. When a tornado watch is in effect classes will not be interrupted, but the notice will be circulated to all faculty, staff, and students as soon as feasible.

A tornado warning means that a tornado has actually been spotted in the general area.

Tornadoes come and go so quickly that there may not be time for a warning. When in doubt, take cover. Listen for local tornado sirens to be activated in the event of a sighting. Faculty and staff are responsible for assisting persons with disabilities to shelter. In the event of a tornado warning proceed to the innermost part of a building with no windows and take cover. Stay away from exterior walls, windows, and glass doors if possible. If you are caught outside and there is no time to find shelter, lie flat in the nearest depression, such as a ditch.

Shelter Procedure

If a suspicious package or mail piece is received or located DO NOT handle the suspect item. DO NOT try to open the item. Isolate the item and call Campus Security and notify them of the incident so college personnel can take the appropriate action necessary.

If a suspicious individual is suspected on campus call Campus Security and notify them of the circumstances surrounding the suspicious activity so they can notify the appropriate personnel to deal with the incident.

CALL 9-911 & stay on the phone


A. Life-Threatening Emergencies – Unconsciousness, Difficulty Breathing, Choking, Seizures, Chest Pain, Serious Bleeding, Rape/Assault, etc…GET HELP!

1. IF ALONE, run to the nearest telephone and dial 9-911
2. IF NOT ALONE, send someone to the nearest telephone and dial 9-911
Note: All pay phones are programmed to dial 911 without a coin.
3. If the nature of the emergency can be determined, report it
4. If possible, report if the person is Conscious, Breathing or Bleeding.

B. Render aid as appropriate.

C. If possible, send someone to meet Emergency Personnel to direct them to the scene.

D. General Medical Problems (Injuries/Illness): Conditions with no threat to life or limb.

Call Campus Security 515-574-1000
1. Render aid as appropriate.
2. Direct the person to the nearest First Aid Kit.
3. Ask if they need assistance to go home, to a hospital or a doctor.
Note: You should never transport a person to the hospital yourself, always call an ambulance.

FIRST AID: First aid kits are located in the following designated offices:

Applied Science & Technologies Building
Business and Technology Department – Office
Nursing Department – Office
Trades & Industries Area – Office
Receptionist Area – Office

Student Center
Receptionist Area – Office

Career Education Bldg.

Athletics – Music – Bookstore
Front Office

Storm Lake Center
Receptionist Area

Webster City Center
Receptionist Area

All Physical Plant vehicles