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What is a Paraeducator?

Paraeducators, also known as paraprofessionals, associates, instructional or educational aids, work under the supervision of licensed teacher or other licensed personnel. Paraeducators provide assistance to students with and without disabilities and students with health, emotional, and behavioral needs. Paraeducators work in a variety of settings, both educational and non-educational, such as general education and special education classrooms, school buses, and lunchrooms. Paraeducators, under licensed personnel, provide educational support to children ranging from early childhood to high school.

Interested in becoming a Paraeducator?

If you are interested in working in the field of education with students in need of support, becoming a paraeducator is a good choice. . Paraeducators are valuable members of the educational team that can have a positive impact on the learning environment and the students. Review the requirements of becoming a paraeducator and contact us today to get enrolled in the approved paraeducator courses offered at Iowa Central Community College. Classes are offered in a variety of delivery formats including face-to-face and online to help meet your needs.

What Certifications are Available?

Paraeducator Generalist Certification is available by completing the two required courses offered at Iowa Central Community College.  The two required courses are: EDU-213 Introduction to Education and EDU-920 Field Experience.

Additionally, there are two areas of concentration offered that can be added to the Paraeducator Generalist certification.  The first area of concentration is in Special Education, and the required course is EDU-245 Exceptional Learner. The second area of concentration is Early Childhood, and the course is ECE-103 Introduction to Early Childhood Education.

Professional Licensure and Certification Disclosure Information

For more on Professional Licensure and Certification Disclosure Information, click here.

How do I apply for Iowa Central classes?

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    1. Apply for Admission (free application).
    2. Determine which courses you need and the next available offering for either the Para or certification by speaking to an advisor.
    3. It’s that easy, so let’s get started TODAY!

How do I Apply for State Certification?

  1. The Paraeducator Application is online.
  2. Go to the Board of Education Examiners (BOEE) website at
  3. Click on the “License Types And Applications” link at the top of the page.  Then “Apply for a New license,” and then create a new account if you have not previously applied to the BOEE. 
  4. Application fee for Generalist Certification: $115 
    (If applying for one or more areas of concentration and/or advanced certification at the same time as applying for Generalist Certification, the application fee remains $115.  Areas of Concentration added at a later time are an additional cost of $25 each.) 

(*Download the PowerPoint here for detailed directions to apply for your initial Paraeducator certification with the BOEE)

(**Download the PowerPoint here for detailed directions to apply for an Area of Concentration with the BOEE)

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